From May 25 to May 27 in Voronezh the XVI. International Festival “Provincial Style” held

Young fashion designers from Russia and abroad will demonstrate their work in the following nominations:

“STREET STYLE” – the style of modern life;

BUSINESS IDEA – individual brands;

“DU LUXE” – evening, wedding and elegant clothes;

“CREATIVE” – non-standard solutions and original performance;

“ETHNIC STYLE” – national characteristics in modern clothes;

“DEBUT” – creativity of juniors under 17 years old;

“CHILDHOOD JOY” – clothes for children and school uniforms;

“PERFORMANCE” – a show of fashion theaters.

Her work will be judged by experts led by the legendary patriarch of Russian fashion, Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

The festival program is dedicated to his 80th birthday and has the motto “Fashion for the People”.

Awards for the winners – delegations at the “Russian Silhouette” and other Russian and international fashion festivals, gifts from the partners of the festival. The grand prize is a Golden Spindle National Fashion Industry Award nomination. In recent years, Provincial Style winners have received the highest professional award in this country.

The festival is supported by the Tatiana Mikhalkova Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation, the National Academy of the Fashion Industry, the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs in Textile and Light Industry (SOYUZLEGPROM) and the Federal Fair Tekstillegprom.

The main venue will be the Chizhov Gallery Center.

The competition screening will take place on May 26th. The festival program also includes the presentation of the project “People’s Carnival”, a preview of a new collection for the Riga Fashion Week by the famous Latvian designer Maira Mikelsone, a presentation of art-fashion Asademy “MADEMOISELLE ADR’I” (Minsk, Belarus).

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