Moscow Fashion Week: Day Two – Fashion 2022

The second day of Moscow Fashion Week traditionally began with shows of children’s and youth collections.


The second day of the Jubilee Fashion Week in Moscow ended with a show by AnjKids– Project opened. The collection united two brands – Mirand and Amapola. The items of clothing presented on the catwalk are aimed at children and young people between the ages of 2 and 16. Thick cotton petticoats, exclusive artist prints and lace have been specially created for little ladies who want to feel like the queen of the ball.


That AltCostura– Project also brought several brands together and presented pictures for the little ones. Here you could see clothes in the most delicate shades of pink, blue and mint, decorated with spring floral prints. Graceful dresses from Roberto Cavalli turn little fashionistas into real magicians, and the Molo brand offered girls bright and original outfits. Il Gufo offers classic images for children with a comfortable cut.


The mark Lana2Rock Kids has introduced the Happy Day collection, which includes casual and festive looks. Minimalism, loose fit and natural hypoallergenic fabrics make clothes not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Handmade embroidery is used as decor, and cheerful and juicy shades give things to things.


The brand’s collection WOWdress became created by creative duet Tatiana Praskova and Valentina Zeynalova. It included two styles: elegant dresses for special occasions and more practical denim dresses. Hand embroidery, exclusive fabrics, bright colors, placement of stones and sequins make the collection truly unique. The designers paid special attention to accessories.

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This season presented the Russian brand TatianSaltovets three new collections at the same time in different styles: sports chic, casual and evening dresses. Sports chic is a bright look for girls and boys that consists of bombers, sweatshirts, cardigans, leggings, trousers and skirts. The brand’s daily collection is not tied to any style and consists of a variety of fabrics with a bright palette. The line of evening dresses offers luxurious outfits in a variety of styles. Special attention is paid to exquisite surfaces and shiny textures.


The brand’s collection AlenNeg is as if created from ice crystals and snow. The graphic nature of the monochrome winter landscape gave the collection the self-explanatory name Ice Shine. Shimmering silver tones of pure chiffon combined with an avant-garde cut result in a beautiful duo of naturalness and expressive geometry.


The mark AnastasiKuchugova presented a collection where the choice of fabrics favored wool, cashmere, velvet and textured leather. Silk, chiffon and organza are used in the looks of lightweight fabrics. In the lineup, the designer focused on the shoulders and puffed sleeves. Black, gray and sand colors are chosen as the main colors, which are complemented by bright shades of green, blue and peach.


For the first time in Moscow there was a collection of the brand renovation presented. Showing the uniqueness and personality of his style, the designer combined the vintage sensibility of the 1990s with the functionality of modern clothing. A variety of people can find something of their own in the collection, for which freedom, originality and realism are important.

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The new collection of your brand NyushWear was presented by the singer Nyusha. Stylish, modern and dynamic looks appeared on the catwalk. The heroine of the collection is a girl who is not afraid to challenge society while remaining herself. As Nyusha herself admits, she notices such girls at her concerts, around the city, on trips – everywhere. External and internal comfort is the main concern of the brand team.