Provincial Style 2018. Nomination “Du Luxe”

The sixteenth season of the Gubernsky-style international festival of fashion, design and handicrafts was held in Voronezh on May 25-27, 2018. The main venue was the Chizhov Gallery Center. The theme of the sixteenth “Provincial Style” – “Fashion for the People”: Dedication to the 80th Anniversary of Vyacheslav Zaitsev and the Year of Volunteering in Russia. The winners of “Provincial Style” become participants in the “Russian Silhouette” contest and other Russian and international fashion forums, applicants for the Golden Spindle National Fashion Industry Award, and receive prizes and gifts.

According to a long-standing tradition, the expert council of the festival was headed by Vyacheslav Zaitsev. This was his tenth visit to Voronezh.

Nomination “You luxe”

Nozdracheva Daria, Kursk, “Snowball”

Zotova Elena, Tula, “Blossom”

Starikova Anastasia, Perm, ” Velvet Season ” Varganova Aliya, Taganrog, “Wild Orchid”

Zimin Alexandra, Voronezh, “Black Evening, White Snow”

Shkayr Maria, Voronezh,”

Night Sugar ” Irina Khodynitskaya, Moscow, “Attraction”


The non-competitive show of Irina Goncharova’s collection “Joy” consists of pin-ar style bright skirts and sundresses, created for confident ladies of all ages. Complemented with designer decorations using the soutache technique by Irina Goncharova. The hats are made using the “openwork felt” technique. The hats were made by Valery Ryazantsev.


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