Results of the “Provincial Style-2019”. Deluxe

On May 18th in Voronezh the final decision of the XVII. International Festival of Fashion, Design and Crafts “Provincial Style” of the 2019 season.

The festival was organized by the Voronezh House of Designers, the Chizhov Gallery Center, the Voronezh State Vocational Pedagogical College and the Models Agency. with the support of the Russian Silhouette Charitable Foundation of Tatiana Mikhalkova, the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Light Industry and the National Academy of the Fashion Industry.

The portal traditionally introduces you to the works of the participants.

nomination De Luxe You Luxe

30. Vodianova Irina, Lady Perfection, Voronezh

31. Lykova Sophia, Blood and Gunpowder, Kursk

32. Sapozhnikova Anna, Colors of Life, Kostroma

33. Burkova Natalia, In the world of dreams, Kirov


34. Zhilina Valeria, blue without

Boden, Kursk 35. Osmachkina Svetlana, Elysium. Eternal Spring, Podolsk, Moscow Region

36. Butyrina Galina, Planet of Treasures, Yelets

37. Panfilov Igor, 144000, Krasnoyarsk

29. Rainik Anna, Bird of Paradise, Kursk


Photo – DimBabushkin

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